I am new to this – blogging, feminism, sharing my thoughts openly with the world… It’s all new.

I am an architect. I have zero writing experience, but for what it’s worth I do love to read. Technically, I am a millennial, and I was raised in a supportive, white, middle class, two-parent home, and I have an older brother off following his star studded dreams in La La Land. I spent my undergrad in the city, and I later earned a master’s degree from a school closer to home. I still miss that city (I always will), but I now live in a beautiful New England suburb with my fiance, and I like this life, too.

I am not a poster child for feminism. I come from a place of serious privilege, one where people roll their eyes at any whisperings of civil rights because “aren’t we all equal already?” Although I silently suspected it for a long time, I am only just now realizing how mislead I was, and how necessary it is for me to speak.

This Pursuit

This blog is my think-space. It is my attempt to understand where feminism exists in my life, and to learn how I can be better at it. So this is a learning process. I will be sharing my ideas, opinions, experiences, as well as some light handed research into feminist concepts and history. I’ve never been much of an activist, and there was even a time when I scoffed at the word “feminist.” But I’m trying to change that, for myself and for women like me who are finally starting to open their eyes.